The BSA is a five year program that prepares the students for the Certified Public Accountant’s (CPA) board exam. Students in this program go through a rigorous coursework that exposes the students to a battery of examinations so that they are honed to be ready to take the said exam. Built into the curriculum is the board exam review program. The practicum program for BSA students provides adequate opportunities for field experience.

Field trips or educational tours are conducted for some subjects. Selected and qualified students are regularly encouraged to take part in local, regional and national level competitions sponsored by professional organizations such as FINEX, PICPA, ACPACI and the accountancy national student organization, NF-JPIA.

BSA Retention Policy
  • To be retained in the BSA program, a student should obtain a grade of 2.0 or better in all AC, Law & Taxation subjects. One retake per subject is allowed in case of cut-off failure.
  • At the end of Year 2, Comprehensive Examination Level 1 (CEL 1) shall be administered to the student to gain admission to Year 3. This will be followed by CEL 2 at the end of Year 3; CEL 3 at the end of Year 4, and finally CEL 4 in the 5th year at the end of 1st semester.
  • To pass the Comprehensive Examination, the student shall obtain a general average of 75% but with no grade below 65% in any of the CEL subjects. Those who do not pass CEL 1 & 2 shall not be allowed a retake and will be advised to shift. Retake is allowed for CEL 3 & 4. The student shall apply for the said examination and pay the required fees.
The BSA Admission Policies
  • 1. IQ requirement 95
  • 2. APT & EPT 50
The BSA Application Procedures

All applicants must secure the USC application form. Complete application packages should include:
  • High School report card or Form 137;
  • 3 copies 2 x 2 picture;
  • Testing fee;
Possible Employment Opportunities for BS-Accountancy Graduates
    CPAs can do many hats. They are chief financial officers for top 1000 corporations, advisors to small neighborhood business. They work for public accounting firms, big, small and large; Commerce & Industry; Education; and Government. They are well-respected strategic business advisors and decision-makers. They act as consultants on many business issues, including taxes and accounting.
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