The BSMA on the other is a four year degree program. This is an alternative to the BSA program which is designed for students who have proficiency in accounting but do not wish to go through the board exams. On the other hand, students who maintain the cut-off grade required of BSA students may shift to BSA so that they can be eligible to go through the board examination. Those who cannot maintain the cut off of BSA may also shift to BSMA.

BSMA Retention Policy
    To be retained in the BSMA program, a student should obtain a grade of 2.5 or better in all AC , Law, and Taxation courses. One retake per subject is allowed in case of failure.
The BSMA Admission Policies
  • 1. IQ requirement 88
  • 2. APT & EPT 50
The BSMA Application Procedures
All applicants must secure the USC application form. Complete application packages should include:
  • High School report card or Form 137
  • 3 copies 2 x 2 picture
  • Testing fee
Possible Employment Opportunities for BSMA Graduates

Management accountants can be depended upon by private, government and non-government organizations for accounting, financial and information management.

Download BSMA Prospectus (pdf file)